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Beware of the amateur cashing in

I have been in the decorating profession for over 45 years now. I have seen most things and I am still learning every day.
I am getting to grips with new technology, new products and adapting to a word under a pandemic.
I was recently asked how does someone search for a good decorator?
I’ve seen this so many times.
Picture this one scenario, a guy who had a career spent working in a bank gets an early retirement package. (lucky Jim )!!
Now Jim has been getting bored lately and his mind drifts to how he might keep busy. Then Jim has an electric bulb moment. He buys a roof rack, purchases a few clean dust sheets and then places add in the local magazine.
Hey, presto! Jim is now a decorator. Of course, he can paint. He can even get friends a family to comment on review sites how great he is.
As a prospective customer, you are unaware of this. Yes, he might be cheaper than the competition in the area.
When choosing a decorator,  you want a first-class job, by a first-class tradesperson. 
Jim is unlikely to know the preparation methods used by professional qualified decorators.   
He doesn’t hold a wealth of experience on products best for the job in question.
The famous saying comes to mind. “Anyone can be a decorator, but can he maintain and earn a full-time living from it?” I doubt it very much, he’ll just be sitting waiting for your call.
Hire a professional decorator to save you pain

Beware of the decorator who's always available to start a job immediately

You call Jim and ask, When could you start? Right away comes the reply. A good decorator will always have a lead time, depending on the size of the job required for the customer.
So your project is now complete. Lucky Jim has saddled off on the highway and then two weeks later cracks start to reappear. Stains are coming back through newly painted walls. Seams of wallpaper are lifting. oh dear !Thats going to be expensive to fix!

Choosing the right decorater. 

A professional decorator will be prompt in communication and will never let you wait more than 3 days for your quote. 

Do ensure you have a fully written quote of what he/she intends to do for that fixed price.


Checklist for finding your next decorator in Bournemouth.

  • Are they qualified in there craft. Check they have City and Guides qualification?
  • Do they have public liability insurance?
  • Do they belong to trade organisations?
  • Can they clearly explain why they use certain products?
  • Check for recommendation and examples of projects.
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